Forwarding Your Mail to Your New Residence

Forwarding Your Mail to Your New Residence

Moving is an exciting experience, albeit a chaotic one. As a result, it can be easy to overlook certain tasks. Forwarding your mail, for example, is a crucial part of any move, but something you might be unsure of how to do.
Luckily, forwarding your mail is a simple process that you can do in no time. Once you move, you’ll have all your mail sent to your new home, ensuring you don’t miss any important correspondence.
If you’re wondering how to forward your mail, here is some crucial information on mail forwarding and the steps you need to take.

Address Change Online or in Person

The method by which you change your address depends on how you want to proceed. You can either go online to forward your mail or visit your local post office.
When you have your local post office forward your mail, they’ll provide you with a Mover’s Guide packet. Inside this packet is a form you’ll need to complete, known as the PS Form 3575. They’ll also answer any other questions you may have about how to get your mail forwarded.
If forwarding your mail online is easier, then you’ll need to visit the website for the Official USPS Change-of-Address.

Online Steps to Take

Once at the Official USPS Change-of-Address website, you’ll be asked to select whether your address change is permanent or temporary. Additionally, you’ll need to confirm your identity. This will cost $1.05, so have a debit or credit card handy.
After the form is completed, you’ll receive a confirmation code via email. This will be your opportunity to confirm or make changes to the information you provided.
Your new address will start receiving your mail, along with a welcome packet. This won’t happen overnight, but slowly as mail is rerouted to your new address. You may also receive emails informing you of what pieces of mail are being forwarded to you, so you can keep an eye out for any important documents you’re expecting.
Going into your local post office and completing an online form are both excellent ways of forwarding your mail to your new address, for temporary or permanent reasons. Even though you call creditors and utility companies, there’s always a chance of mail continuing to be sent to your old address, so make sure to have it forwarded no matter what.

Forwarding Your Mail When You Move

Whether you move up the street or across the country, forwarding your mail is an essential part of any move. Make sure to follow the steps in this helpful guide and you’ll have your mail forwarded in no time.
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