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Getting to Know Your New Neighborhood – The Beauty and Charm of Seaside

Welcome to Seaside! You are going to love your new neighborhood. Whether you are from the area or if you are entirely new to Florida, you will find Seaside to be friendly and welcoming, and everyone will be excited to meet you.

You may have a few questions about living in Seaside, and this post will answer at least some of them. Learn more about the history of Seaside, things to do in the area, what to expect from the weather, and more.

This History of Seaside

Seaside is a planned community that was built in 1981. The eight acres upon which it sits was purchased by J.S. Smolian in 1946 with the intention of starting a summer camp. That idea never materialized, but in 1978, his grandson Robert David decided to develop the property. He wanted to create a quiet, shore community that would be great for families and retirees.

When it comes to city planning, Seaside is known as the birthplace of the New Urbanism movement. This type of city planning focuses on creating walkable neighborhoods that include a great deal of variety in the sizes and styles of houses and buildings, and also tries to combat the prevalence of urban sprawl.

Seaside has experienced fame on the national stage twice so far. In 1988, it appeared on the cover of Atlantic Monthly because of its New Urbanist style. Ten years later, it served as the primary filming location for the movie The Truman Show.

The Location of Seaside

Seaside is located right in the middle of the coast of the beautiful Florida panhandle. Many people consider this area to be one of the very best spots in the entire United States due to its sandy, white beaches and pristine waters.

Seaside has just under 11,000 residents, which makes it a small town by anyone’s standards. However, there are plenty of stores for you to do your shopping locally. If you’re looking for a little more action, you can head to Panama City Beach to the east or to Pensacola to the west.

Seaside Weather

The weather in Seaside is quite agreeable and if you desire, you can spend many days at the beach; the water is warm enough for swimming year-round. The summers in Seaside are hot and the winters are cool, and there’s almost always a little cloud cover floating by. Rainfall is frequent but brief and is wonderful for people who enjoy gardening and landscaping activities.

Things to Do and Local Services

If you’re looking for things to do in your new neighborhood, there are plenty, but it’s also just nice to relax and watch the waves lap at the shore.

Many people enjoy visits to the Seaside Farmer’s Market on Saturdays and attending performances at The Repertory Theater (REP) throughout the year. Other popular events include the Seeing Red Wine Festival, the Seaside Half Marathon and 5K, and a dance festival, to name a few.

There are a number of great restaurants of all kinds in town and lots of fun shopping, too. The Seaside Neighborhood School is one of the oldest charter schools in Florida; it serves students in grades five through eight.

Welcome to Your New Neighborhood

Seaside welcomes you! You are probably excited to explore your new neighborhood and to get a lay of the land. You’ll love everything about this wonderful little community, and you’ll soon find that your new neighbors are excited to have you here. Enjoy!

If you’re looking for property in Seaside or anywhere nearby, we’d love to help you on your mission. We are excited to help you discover Florida’s panhandle. Please contact us today.

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