Getting to Know Your New Neighborhood – Fun Under the Sun in Alys Beach

Getting to Know Your New Neighborhood – Fun Under the Sun in Alys Beach

Have you recently moved to Alys Beach in Florida? Or maybe you’re considering a move and want to know more about this stunning community?
Florida is known as The Sunshine State, and there aren’t many places sunnier than Alys Beach. If beautiful parks, nature trails, and a private beach sound like your kind of thing, discover all you need to know about your new neighborhood.

Food and Drink

With a population of just over 4,000 people, you can be sure that the word will get around when it comes to good places to eat.
One of the most popular in the area is Charlie’s Donuts, which has become a breakfast tradition for many in Alys Beach. Opening at the crack of dawn, there is a selection of delicious and unique donuts, and they are open until the day’s donuts are gone!
If you’re looking for a meal in the evening, Caliza Restaurant is a popular choice, which uses local produce to create delicious Gulf Coast cuisine.

Private Beach

Northwest Florida has a reputation for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Residents of Alys Beach have the incredible benefit of one of these beaches all to themselves.
With white sands and crystal clear water all within a short walk from wherever you happen to be within the community, you would be forgiven for assuming you’re in heaven.
There are fantastic services available on the beach too. From beach chairs and umbrellas for those who love to relax, to kayaks, bodyboards, and wetsuits for anyone who wants to keep active.

Real Estate

There are some stunning places to live in Alys Beach. It’s not just the houses themselves that impress, but the views and surroundings wherever you choose to live.
Whether you love the idea of being able to gaze out onto the ocean or be part of a secluded neighborhood, there is sure to be something for you.
Homes are well constructed and built to last, given that Alys Beach can have complicated weather.

Parks and Trails

It’s not all just beaches and relaxation in Alys Beach. There are beautifully preserved parks for you to explore, including Fonville Park, which is a simple but wonderful area for kids and adults alike.
Another brilliant spot is the Amphitheatre, where you’ll find live music and events throughout the year. There’s still plenty of space here for the kids to run around or roll down the hill.
The whole northern area of Alys Beach is a 20-acre nature preserve. Threaded through this is a trail on an elevated boardwalk, giving you a great view of the habitats contained within the preserve.

Alys Beach is Heaven on Earth

With so much to offer, and with such beautiful surroundings, it’s easy to feel like you’re in paradise at Alys Beach.
This guide has given you just a taste of what living in Alys Beach is like, so if you are seriously considering a move, get in touch today and see how we can help you find your dream home.
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